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Update: TigerM's Little LOTte lot editor has pretty much rendered these maps having the Beautiful Vista Buffs obsolete. With Little LOTte, not only can you restore the BV buff to lots after buildings are dozed or plopped, you can edit any lot in your town to give it the BV buff. NICE! :D

I have also updated the town customization tutorial with some new and hopefully helpful information for making your town as custom as you possibly can.

These maps are completely clean of Sims and any remnants deleted Sims might leave behind by using the destroyallhumans command in awesomemod. The cemeteries do have their ghosts. Beautiful Vista buffs for residential lots have been painstakingly preserved by tearing down each existing home on said lot instead of using the bulldoze tool. Each lot with a Beautiful Vista buff has been named to Beautiful Vista Lot or some such, and the description includes a warning NOT to ever doze that lot or plop a house on them because that will destroy the buff (unfortunately this wasn't fixed along with the non-deletion of spawners in the 1.3 patch). These were also created POST-patch #2 version 1.3) which fixed the game so that bulldozing lots doesn't destroy spawners that happen to be on lots for fish, gems, and/or bugs. I have also included a screenshot in each of the archives showing exactly where the lots with the Beautiful Vista buffs are located. Sunset Valley is rife with them but Riverview has very few.

Riverview (You must have the downloadable Riverview town map
from the official Sims 3 site for this to work in your game.)
With Community Lots | Without Community Lots

Empty Riverview

Sunset Valley
With Community Lots | Without Community Lots

Empty Sunset Valley