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News Flash: I, for one, am totally giving up on thinking "I'll do this" or "I'll get that done soon." It's just not happening. At the very least, though, we are plugging away and do occasionally manage to do something Sims related. :D

Latest Updates:

3 December, 2011
It's a custom snow texture to use in CAW! (I also used it for a road texture in this picture.) You can find more information about them here.

14 November, 2011
I've uploaded some bits and bobs to my Custom Terrain Paint section for Create A World. These include my TILE KILL grass textures as well as a Build Your Own Texture Packs set that includes image files you can use directly on top of grass or dirt images to make your own flowers and crops. You can find more information about them here.

31 October, 2011
From Regina: I messed up in naming both Build Town worlds so they've been updated YET AGAIN to fix that! I'm sorry for any problems this may have caused. Please uninstall the other one(s) and install the new one(s).

29 October, 2011
From Regina: Okay, so let's see just HOW many times we can update Build Town? :lol: If I had actually realized there was a problem there would be no need for the update, but I didn't know for a while how to fix a lot so that the front was placing the road. Shoot, I didn't even know lots had fronts and backs! Then I noticed houses placing the wrong way when I was working on them so I had to do something about it.

I also brought back the original Build Town with the yucky textures fixed. Just pop in here to get the latest versions.

Build Town II

From Regina: This is an updated version of the modern mansion-type structure I built sometime back. I never did like the roof on it and it needed updated with recolorable stairs and fences and I finally got around to doing all that! You can find the new file here.

Modern Monstrosity

July 1st, 2011
From Syera: New top today - find under Wardrobe>Female>Tops.

Cincher Blouse

June 29th, 2011
From Syera: So sorry for not updating more. Unfortunately, things have been rough and I haven't really been in a mood to do many updates recently.

Although it's been here for awhile, I haven't actually updated the front page about it: I have a world up for download under the worlds section - a beautiful small town nestled away amongst the mountains. The dedicated explorer will find that not everything in the town is quite what one would consider... normal. Some have reported evidence of spooky, mysterious happenings in the past.

Also, I finally got around to creating something I should have created years ago: these heels. (Sorry, I know there's really no good excuse for not making Sailor Venus's fantastic heels.)

Venus Pumps